Monday, July 25, 2011

I did it!

Well, I finally went and visited my classroom. I wanted to pick up my books from my classroom library so I can get them organized. Of course, I mixed up one of the two boxes and brought home part of the math center instead of books.

Oh well. I took some pics of the room and let me show them to you all.

I know you are thinking, "Man, that classroom is huge!" Well, it's not. I found out though that my Promethean Board is portable so I can move it where ever I like.

I went in to get my books but ended up staying and moving some furniture around. I moved my desk, the Promethean Board, a small bookshelf (next to my desk), and a long book shelf.

I also set up my stereo so I can listen to music. I went through a few boxes and started setting them where I would need them at.

I only stayed for an hour, and part of that was talking to the teacher across the hall, but I got some things done so I'm feeling a bit better. I might go in tomorrow, too. Now I think about it, I more than likely will, because I need to get the other box of books I mistakenly forgot.

I'll post more pics are my classroom as it progresses.

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