Monday, July 18, 2011

What to do!?

Well, I've been trying to figure out how to configure my new classroom. I moved to the room next door to the one I was in last year. I picked it because the power supply for the computers is on the back wall, right where I want them. I have all my stuff packed in boxes. I have not been in my classroom since the last day of school. I don't know where they put my Promethean Board. I was told they were going to get a hold of me to let them know where to put it. Well, the teacher next door to me (which is my old classroom) already had her's installed. She couldn't see where they put mine because my door was locked. I'm hoping they put it on the wall I wanted it on and not on the wall with the computer power supply. Those are the only two walls they could put it on. I'm crossing my fingers that they put it on the correct wall, otherwise, they are going to have to move it or move the power supply. It's all so mind boggling.
So I've been spending some time trying to figure out a few different ideas to set-up my classroom. He's a picture of an idea I have to set up my classroom. I made this on the classroom set-up tool on
It's kind of hard to tell what exactly everything is in the picture but let me explain. On the right side wall is where I'm planning to have my Promethean Board and carpet for carpet time. On the top (back) wall is going to be my desk and the computer center. The left wall has the kids coat hooks and shelves on the top (I don't think I added this to the pic). The bottom wall has a large bulletin board and a very long, low shelving unit. It will hold my library and stuff for small group work. I think I explained all of that well enough.
I didn't put the students desk in yet because I'm still trying to figure that part out. I'm thinking of putting them in five groups of four. At this point, I have 20 students in my class. I haven't really decided desk placement because,as many of you know, class size will fluctuate a little at the beginning of school.
It's hard with this classroom because there is not a lot of storage and the room is small. It's pretty much a large box. Nothing too special. I've been searching the web for clever and neat storage ideas. Littlest Learners blog (link on the bottom right of my blog) has some great ideas. I also need to work on getting my classroom library set up into baskets. I'm going to check Dollar Tree for some cheap plastic baskets. The dollar stores are a great place to get cheap storage. Once I get that part all figured out, I will post some pictures.

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