Monday, August 15, 2011

Day One is Done

I made it through day one.  It was a very exhausting day.

My new class seems like they’re going to be pretty great.  I have 21 kids, however only 20 showed up.  I have a few talkers but nothing too severe.

The morning started off pretty rough.  I picked up the kids at 7:55 and walked them into our room.  I had them get started on their morning work and had them take out all their supplies.  I decided to keep their scissors, glue sticks, glue, and pencils.

Last year, I had a major problem with scissors and glue sticks so that’s why I decided to keep them this year.  Last year I had kids making confetti out of the papers in their desks and gluing everything together.

Our school is a Title 1 school so all the students are on a free breakfast and lunch program.  Last year the district started a breakfast in the classroom program.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Once I got all the kids seated and working, I start to get their breakfasts to them.  I have parents in my room wanting to talk to me and I realize I have no breakfast.  I had to call the secretary to find out where the breakfasts are at.

We also had an assembly at 8:30 so by the time I get breakfast, it’s 8:15.  I had the kids eat quickly and get to the assembly on time.  It was a very rushed morning but the students handled it well.

After that, the day felt off but it all went pretty well.  I got everything I needed done so I can’t really complain.  I’m excited for tomorrow because I feel things should go a lot smoother.

I have a few things to get done for tomorrow but I’m ready for it.  Bring it on!!!  LOL

Well, I’m super exhausted and I probably should get things done so I can hit the hay!

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