Friday, August 12, 2011

Room’s pretty much done…

What a week!

I did get my room pretty much finished.  There are still a few things I need to finish before the first day.  Which is Monday!

I will probably go in tomorrow to clean up the small things I still have left.  I also need to make copies and get everything ready for the first day. 

Well, I promised you all photos of my room, so without further ado:








So, there it all is.  I’m really liking it.  I still need to tape down their name tags.  I also need to get the computers hooked up.  I need a little box (called a switch, apparently) to connect them all to the network.  We won’t be using them for a few days so I have a little time for that. 

We’re still missing a lot of things for our new reading curriculum but we got what we had unpacked and put away.  One of the other first grade teachers was picking up a box out in the hallway and felt this on her hand (be prepared to be shocked)


Gross, right!?  Living in the desert of New Mexico we have these little guys sometimes in our classrooms.  This is actually only the second one we’ve found, but still!

Last year on the playground the kids found a small tarantula.  They loved it.  I thought it was pretty scary.  I hate spiders and I’m always afraid that they just want to eat my face off.  I know they do, they’re sneaky little creatures!

Well, that is all for now.  I'm so happy that I get to sleep in tomorrow.  I really need it!


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