Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a week!

The first week of school is done. It was a pretty hectic week.  We've been working on our classroom routines and rules.
I'm trying Whole Brain Teaching for classroom management and the kids love it. It's so simple, too.  We will be getting down to our curriculum this up coming week.  I've posted before about our district getting new reading curriculum.  It's a good curriculum but there is so much stuff to learn about it.  We just got our teacher editions on Friday so I'm spending my weekend looking through it to get ready for Monday. 
We are still missing a lot of the stuff we were supposed to have before school started but they said we should get it all before the end of the month.
It's making it a little difficult for my planning because I have to make some of the materials they tell us to use. Hopefully, the craziness will subside some once we get all of our materials.
I'm a very anal person and I like to have everything planned and organized the week before but this is making it a little difficult to do.  It's driving me crazy not being able to really do that.
I have a pretty great class this year. Minimal behavior problems. Mostly, just talking. I can deal with this compared to the disrespect and major behavior problems I had last year.  Plus, I only have 20 students.  Last year, I had 26! 
Im really excited about this year and I think after these bumps in the road we've been starting with, it's going to get so much better.
I'm posting this from my cell so sorry if there are any errors. Lol.

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