Saturday, August 6, 2011

Word Wall and Calendar

I was able to get a lot more done yesterday in my classroom.  Besides tons of little things I was able to get done, I also got my word wall finished.  Thanks to Reagan at Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits for posting her word wall.  I have borrowed the idea for my own word wall. 


I changed the color scheme a bit.  I used precut letters from the teaching store.  I wanted to do a green theme with it but I couldn’t find the green construction paper.  Our school has been moving around the storage closets and who knows where they put everything!

I also did my math wrong… it’s summer and my brain hasn’t been working to full capacity yet.  I had to double up a few of them so I could get them all up.  I may redo it to fit more on it.  We’ll see…


I also finished the first part of my calendar board.  I put up money, my “yesterday was, today is, and tomorrow will be” that I got from Target’s Dollar Spot, and the months of the year I got from Dollar Tree.  I finished it all off with a cute robot border I also got from Dollar Tree.  Oh, and  I got the blue magnetic holder that holds the days of the week we are not using at Dollar Tree.

Notice the clock!  I had no where to hang it for the time (no pun intended) being.  After taking the picture I put a nail in higher up so it’s out of the way.  I just put it there so I can see what time it was while I was working.

I’m pretty excited. Not too much more to go!  My todo list is getting smaller each time I redo it.  Of course, I keep adding new stuff to it as I’m crossing off other things.  It’s a never ending process, I guess!



  1. It's looking great! Isn't it an awesome feeling when you know you're almost done? :-)

  2. It is a great feeling! I can't wait for it all to be done. I have almost everthing up and where I want it. I changed a few things around. I'm going to try and post some pics tomorrow. Thanks for checking out my blog!