Sunday, December 30, 2012

The One With Lots Going On

Wow!  It seems like forever since I posted last.  I have been so busy with school and buying our house. I haven't even had much time to blog stalk.  It's been a busy, busy time!

I have been majorly busy during the first part of my winter break.  Christmas was pretty mellow.  I went to my parent's for Christmas Eve.  They only live about 5 minutes away so it wasn't a long drive.  They gave me a $50 gift card to Home Depot to use on our new house (which I will go more in detail on in a bit).  The gift card is already gone, though.  We used it to buy house numbers, new light switches and outlets.

I spent the rest of last week cleaning and decluttering.  I also spent some time packing.  We still have not closed on the house yet.  We were supposed to close on the 21st but the appraisal took FOREVER!   It was finally sent to the bank on the 28th so now our file is back in underwriting.  They said we should be closed on or before the 11th on January.  Cross your fingers!

The house deal has been so stressful.  I don't want to buy another house for a long time.  It seemed like every time someone came to do something at/with the house, there was another problem.  It was all so annoying. It all started with the inspection.  The inspector said that the roof and some other small things needed to be replaced/repaired.  We asked the sellers to replace the roof and fix some of the small things.  It took a week before they got back to us and agreed to everything we asked for.

Then when they did the title insurance, they found there was a lien on the property from 2001 for a judgement settlement on a credit card.  The seller said they wanted to go to court to have the lien amount reduced and that could take months.  We said "No! We will not wait months."  They then said they were going to figure some things out and get back to us.  That took another week.  At this time the bank was waiting to find out what was going to happen with the lien so they were holding off on ordering the appraisal. After we finally found out that the sellers decided to just have the lien paid off at closing, the bank was able to order the appraisal.

Well, the appraisal company was 3 weeks backed-up on completing appraisals.  It actually took 4 weeks because of Christmas.  So now we are just waiting for the bank to get back with us once the file is out of underwriting to set the closing date.  This whole process has taken over 2 months.

Sorry that was such a long story.  LOL.  I now am going to spend the next week doing lesson plans, finding some new intervention and small group activities, and working on my Dossier.  I haven't had much time to work on my Dossier but I have until the end of March to submit it.  I have quite a bit done but I still have a lot left.

Well, I better get back to finishing laundry.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The One With November Currently

I'm a little behind on doing this but I didn't want to miss a currently.  Here it is:

LISTENING:  I love listening to Pandora Radio.  I have it currently on my quick mix so I get a good variety of music to listen to.  I have the Pandora app on my iPod, Droid, and on my blue-ray player.  I love it!

LOVING:  The weather is finally cooling and the leaves are changing colors.  What's not to love!  Plus, Starbucks brought back their Salter Caramel Mocha Frappacino... Yummy!

THINKING:  I have so much stuff to do for school but I keep getting distracted by blogs and Facebook.  Luckily, I will be off Facebook until Thursday.  I'm tired of the politics and I  will be off of it on Wednesday because I won't be able to deal with the complaining about who ever becomes president.

WANTING:  I need someone to clean my house... but for free!  LOL  I don't have the time really to keep it clean.  I love cleaning (I'm weird like that) but I'm so exhausted at the end of the day.  I just want to relax... in a clean house.

NEEDING:  I need a new phone.  My phone SUCKS!  I hate it.  I really want an iPhone.

MUSIC:  My class is hooked on this song.  We have been learning about telling time to the hour and half hour.  I give them all clocks and they watch the video (can be found on YouTube  and match their clocks to the time the song specifies.  They love it.  We listen to it everyday!

Okay, I guess that's it.  I probably should get something else done.  Have a great night!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The One With Halloween

Man, this year is just flying by.  It has been a crazy time in Mr. Michelbook's classroom.   We had a district inservice on Monday, our district walk-thru on Tuesday, and Halloween on Wednesday.  I, of course, get majorly sick on Saturday and so that didn't help with the crazy week.  One Wednesday, I started losing my voice and didn't want to call in sick so I suffered through it.

Let me tell you losing your voice makes teaching extra difficult.  On top of it all, the kids were wound up because of Halloween.  Glad to report that I got my voice back today so everything is good again.  I slept with a humidifier and gargled with salt water.  Oh, and ate Ricolas like crazy!  I still have a slight cough but I can deal with it.

We don't allow our students to wear costumes to school (not sure if everywhere does that now) on Halloween.  We decided to make it our Red Ribbon Week so we can have spirit days for the kiddos.  Wednesday was crazy hair day and I was still feeling poopy so I didn't get my hair did for it.  Most of my kiddos did, though.  Here's some pictures of the cool things they did with their hair.

 The student with the clock (toward the back) had his hair in spikes and it was green and black.  His parents then stuck different foam stickers to each spike.  It was really cute.

The one above is actually one of my former students but I loved his hair that I had to take a picture of it.

One of my students' parents also gave me this cool Halloween gift.  She took a Diet Mt. Dew and a Hershey bar and put a Halloween dish towel over it to make it a ghost.  She then added eyes.  I thought it was really cool and creative.

For a non-school related update, my significant other and I have finally started the house shopping experience.  We applied for our mortgage last Saturday (still waiting to here back on approval) and are looking at a bunch of houses tomorrow with our realtor.  Wish us luck!  Maybe you will see us on House Hunters!  LOL

Well, just thought I would give you all a quick update.  I need to get some stuff done for school and continue working on my Dossier (which not much has gotten done with it).

Friday, October 5, 2012

The One With A Field Trip and October Currently

I am a little behind on doing the October Currently but I still wanted to.  Here you go!

I got a new student this week.  I was really hoping to get a girl but it ended up being a boy.  I have nothing against boys, it's just that I had 14 boys and only 6 girls.  With my new student it brings me up to 15 boys.  Many of the boys are very rowdy and it makes it feel like I have a million boys!

We also had our first field trip of the year.  It was to the county fair.  It was a lot of fun but I have a love/hate relationship with field trips.  They are a lot of fun but I'm always so stressed out on them.  You just never know how the kids will act out in public.  Overall, the kids did splendid though.  I was very pleased.  I took some photos but not many because I forgot to pack extra batteries.  I only got a few from the very start of the trip.  Get ready for a few pictures with black boxes over the faces... so exciting!
 This one is not really of the field trip itself but this kiddo got a new backpack and I thought it was so cool.  Who knows what video game character it from?

 The two above are from the start of the trip when we first got on the bus.  They were so excited!  Did you see my little Nixon in the first photo?  Haha

This photo we were getting ready to watch a puppet show called "Funny Dummy."  The kids thought it was hilarious, me not so much!  LOL.

After these photos my camera died so that was all the pictures I got.  I need to remember next time to bring an extra set of batteries.

We also got to see them milk a cow and we all got to make butter.  We watched a show with bears doing tricks.  We saw lots of pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and rabbits.

It was such a long day.  I'm so glad it is over with.  Now I get to relax for the next 2 days and enjoy my weekend.   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The One With Reading Mastery

Man, I have been so busy lately.  I have a lot to tell but I will try to keep it all pretty short.  I don't even know where to even start.  LOL.

I think the last time I posted was right before parent teacher conferences (gosh, has it been that long since I posted!)  They went pretty well.  I had an okay turn out.  I think I had 16 out of the then 19 students show up.  It is always hard doing conferences so early in the year.

Our state does a teacher Professional Development Dossier to have teachers move up in levels.  Our state has 3 levels of licensure.  The first level is for only 5 years.  After that we must complete a Dossier to move to level 2.  I then can either stay in level 2 or get my masters and do another Dossier to move to level 3.  Each move in licensure also gives us a $10,000 raise.  I'm currently in level 1.

Our district provides us with Dossier classes so we know how to prepare for the 3 strands of it.  I started going to classes 2 weeks ago and they are from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Wednesday.  I appreciate the help in preparing my Dossier but I'm starting to dread Wednesdays.  LOL. I'm just so tired after sitting through the class and it's in the middle of the week.  It will all be over in December.  Hopefully by then I will have my Dossier complete.  However, I more than likely will not be able to submit it until July.

I have to have 3 successful evaluations before I can submit it.  The window is only open from July to March and I'm not sure if I will have my evaluation done before the window closes.  I may get lucky and my principal can do it early.  If I do submit it in March, and it passes, I won't see my raise until next year.  It will be nice to be done with it all, though.

We also found out that our district will be doing Reading Mastery district wide.  We have yet to receive the materials but I spent my Saturday (yesterday) sitting through training for it.  It seems interesting and sort of easy to do.  I say sort of easy because the way we do the program is going to take some practice.  Does any of you do Reading Mastery?

We are only going to be using it for our small group interventions for our low kids.  I think it will work pretty great.  I might use it for all kids so the others are not getting neglected.  It always seemed funny to spend so much time bringing the low kids up but not helping the middle or high kids.

I was going to spend some time planning stuff for next week but I think I will wait until tomorrow.  We have tomorrow off because our county fair starts tomorrow and they have a parade to celebrate the start of it all.  We are also going on a field trip to the fair on Friday.  I love taking the kids to the fair.  It is always a lot of fun.  They have a kid's day on Friday so they do shows and demonstrations.  The rides and vendors are not open but we wouldn't have time anyway with all the stuff they plan for us.

Ok, I told you I was going to keep it short so I guess that is all for tonight.  I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The One With The First Grade Common Core

I know it has been a while since I've had time to post anything.  It has a crazy past couple of weeks.  We've had parent teacher conferences and tons of meetings.  I thought I would check in with the blogging world and talk about The First Grade Common Core Workbook.

From what I've seen of it, it looks like a great resource for first grade teachers to meet the First Grade Common Core.  Teachers don't have a lot of time to create worksheets and other materials to adjust to the CCSS.  This book has done all the work for you.  There are over 550 pages of worksheets, activities and posters to be used in the classroom.

The other great thing is that you can have it right away because it is a digital download.  No waiting by the mailbox for it to come in.

I downloaded a sample of the book and it does really have some great worksheets and activities.  So take some time to look at this great resource.

I am in no way affiliated with the company that makes this workbook, but I highly recommend you check it out.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The One Where It's Finally Feeling Like Fall

It was a gloomy day in Roswell, NM.  The temperature was in the low 70s and it has been raining.  Rain doesn't happen a lot in Roswell and it's been ever drier than normal.  I love the rain.  I also love it when the temperature is in the 70s. 

I spent a lot of time in doors except for a quick run to Target and the grocery store.  Target has put a lot of their teacher stuff from their Dollar Spot on clearance.  I got some stickers, magazine holders (3), and a set of addition flashcards for 30 cents each.  It was pretty wonderful.

The rest of the time I spent trying to get some stuff done for next week.  I've been racking my brain for more math centers ideas.  It's always hard to have stuff for the beginning of the year.  The kiddos are still reviewing a lot of kindergarten stuff and majority of my center stuff is for later in the year.  I usually mix reading and math together in centers but this year we have to do an hour of each. 

I was not prepared for it because we all found out about it a few days before school started.  The kids have been doing great in centers.  Last week's centers went very well.  They were a little hard for them at first but once they got used to them it went so much smoother.  If you have any great beginning of the year math centers you like to do, please feel free to share them with me.  I would greatly appreciate it.

While I was trying to come up with some ideas I did make some Problem of the Day math worksheets.  Each one has a word problem and a space for the students to show their work.  The students will be in pairs to do the worksheet. 

I will read the word problem to the students and tell them how to complete the worksheet.  I will not tell them what they need to do to solve the problem.  They will need to solve the problem any way they can with their partner and show how they did it on the space provided. 

I'm excited about giving this a try with my class (and a little scared).  It helps the students build their problem solving skills.  It fits into the Common Core State Standards for first grade.  If you would like to grab yourself a copy, I have put it in my TpT store... for FREE!

I guess I should get back to planning out my math centers.  Again, if you have any suggestions please feel free to share them.  :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

The One With A Friday Freebie

I know some of you are just starting school so parent teacher conferences are a little ways off.  For me, and probably many others, parent teacher conferences are just around the corner.  Our district has parent teacher conferences in a little over a week.

Most of the teachers at my school do parent teacher conferences the week before along with our scheduled day.  This really helps get all the parents in for conferences.  So all next week after school I will hold conferences, as well as on Monday, Sept. 17th.

I already have 14 parents signed up and I have 5 more that I still need to get forms back from.  Our district has all the teachers set up the times with the parents.  I've worked at other districts where the principal (or secretary) sets up all the time for the teachers.  I find this way much easier.

I send home a sign up sheet the week before and ask parents to sign by the 3 times that work best for them.  I, of course, get a few that just sign up for one time so I have to try to work with that.

After I get the forms back I send out notices letting the parents know their time.  The parents that take a while longer to get the forms back to me don't get as much say in what times they get to pick.  It's a first come, first serve type of thing for me.  Next week, I will send home the sign up sheet again with the times already taken black out and ask again for them to pick a time.  If I don't hear anything from them by Wednesday, I will call to set up a time.

After all that I am ready for the conference.  I have this lovely form (see below) that I fill out for each student.  It's a way for me to stay on-task and make sure I have covered everything that needs to be discussed.  It reminds me to talk about report cards or progress reports, and their assessment data.  It has a place to write the student's strengths and what they still need to work on.  It also has a place at the bottom for any questions I need to ask the parents.

As I go through the conference I use the form to take notes.  After that conference I put the conference form in the student's portfolio.

I have decided since I was already taking the time to jazz up my form (my old one didn't fit my style any more) that I would include it as a Friday Freebie!!!  So grab yourself a copy.  It really helps keep my focused during a conference.

All fonts are from Kevin and Amanda.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The One With The Winner!

I first would like to thank everyone for all the support and participation in my first giveaway.  It was a lot of fun to read all the comments and watch my followers rise.

Well, here's the winner!
I have sent an email to Lori Van Hove so if you are her, please check your email.  I need to know where you would like your gift certificate sent to.

I have had a very tiring day.  I know I mentioned about my love/hate relationship with 4 day weeks.  It makes me feel rushed and exhausted.  Also, I have crosswalk duty this week.  AND... It was 103 degrees and there's no shade at the crosswalk.  It was so hot!

I feel like I got so much done this week but am still running around like a crazy man.  We have our assessments this week and it's a new program.  Do any of you use the assessment from Discovery Education?  I'm not really sure if I like it or not.

Anyway, I wanted to get on to announce the winner of my 50 Follower Giveaway.  So congratulations to Lori!  I will be looking for your email. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

The One With The September Currently

I can't believe September is already here.  Not only that but we are on day 3 of September.  Crazy!

I went by my classroom to get some things done.  I rearranged that student desks.  I usually do it every month.  I meant to take pictures but I forgot.

I'm now making sure I have every thing done for this week.  I like my days off but I hate 4 day weeks.  Is anyone else with me on this?  I hate it because I also feel like I'm behind of everything.  Our grade level also has crosswalk duty this week.  That always makes matters worse.

Well, I won't take all your time.  Here is my September Currently.
If you would like to join the party, go to Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The One With A Relaxing Day... and A Freebie!

I have spent a very nice relaxing day at home.  Well, sort of.  I did run to Petco to buy Migo some rawhides to chew on and I made a stop at Starbucks.

The rest of the time I spent with Migo and trying to clean house.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to clean a house with a puppy.  I'm working on making him more independent.  He is very clingy (which I do love unless I'm trying to do something).   I had to wait until he was asleep to try to clean but then he would wake up and whine.

I finally got him to stay on the couch and sleep without worrying where I was.   It took me forever but I got the dishes done, vacuumed, and cleaned up the garage.  We never put away all the stuff we didn't sell at our garage sale in June so I haven't been able to park my car in the garage until today.

After all that, I've been sitting here trying to plan out math centers.  This is the first year that we had to have separate centers for math and reading.  For reading we are doing Daily 5 and Cafe.  Daily 5 is going fantastic.  We are up to 8 minutes for Read to Self and 9 minutes for Work on Writing.  This upcoming week I will be introducing Read With Someone.

As a grade level we decided to make our stamina a competition.  So I tell my kids that the other classes are catching up so we need to work harder to stay ahead of them on our stamina.  It is working great!  

So for math I have been trying to have 5 centers that they rotate through.  By the end of the week they will have done each center twice.  Last week's math centers went very well.  I'm hoping this next week's will go as well.  Here is what I have planned so far:

Center 1:  Using blocks and addition flash cards.
          Students will use unifix cubes to match the addition problem on a flash card.  They will use one color of blocks for the first addend and another color for the second addend.  Then they will need to find the sum.

Center 2:  Base Ten Blocks and Number Cards
          Students will use a work mat with a tens and ones place.  They will have to use sticks and units to match numbers on cards I provide.  I just use a index card, cut in half, to write a number on.  They will be working on numbers 1 to 30. 

Center 3:  Ten Frame/Twenty Frame Worksheets
         Students will use worksheets that have ten or twenty frames on it.  Under each one will tell them the number of dots that need to be filled in and in what color.  I hope this one makes sense.

Center 4:  Computers - Education City
          Our school has a subscription to Education City.  I have my own city set up where the students can click on the game they would like to play and then choose their name.  I am able to check their scores if I need to.  I have it set up with games about number sense, ordering numbers, place value, and operations of numbers.  The students love to play on Education City.

Center 5:  Dice Race (freebie for this to follow)
        Students will use 2 large foam dice that I bought at Dollar Tree 2 years ago.  They each will have a Dice Race game board.  They each have a choice to roll either one die or both dice to get the number they need.  They have to get all 12 boxes covered.  If they have already rolled a number previously then they lose their turn.  Which ever student gets all their boxes covered they win.  To get numbers 7 through 12, they will need to add the dice together.  It will all make sense once you see the game board.  So, here's the game board:

Click on it for your freebie

The fonts are from Kevin and Amanda.

Well, I guess that is it for tonight.  Sorry this post ended up being longer than I was expecting.

Friday, August 31, 2012

The One With The New Addition

I know I've been away for a few days.  I have been so busy.  We are starting a new assessment program for our district.  We are switching to the assessment program by Discovery Education.  So I had a bunch of tutorials to watch.  I tried to watch them at home but I couldn't get them to work.  All of us first grade teachers got together to watch them at school.  We didn't get to see the assessment in action.  We just learned how to set it up.

Then I got a new puppy.  That has been taking up a lot more of my time.  He's adorable though.  His name is Migo (short for Amigo).  He's a 7 week old Chihuahua.  Here he is here:
He's chewing on my laptop as I type this.  He's really sweet and laid back.  

I hope you are all entering my "50 Follower Giveaway!"  I am now up to 71 followers.  That is so exciting!  I've had 134 entries so far.  There are still 4 days left so spread the word.  He's a link to the post: The One With A Giveaway.

I had something else I wanted to post about but it has slipped my mind.  Dang it!  Old age strikes again!  

Well, I hope you all enjoy your wonderful 3 day weekend.  I know I will!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The One With A Giveaway

I decided to start this a little early.  I'm too excited.  I am starting my 50 follower giveaway (even though I'm at 45 followers right now).  It's a Rafflecopter giveaway.  All you need to do is follow my blog (if you already do there's 1 point for you), leave me a comment on this post stating you follow my blog (that's another 1 point) and lastly for 25 points blog about my giveaway.

Now on to what I am giving away.  It is a $25 gift certificate to Teachers pay Teachers.  The giveaway will last for one week (starting now and ending Sept. 4th).  So start filling up those carts! :)

Here's the link to the Rafflecopter giveaway:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I would like to thank Greg at Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten for helping me out and blogging about me in his latest post.  I appreciate the support.  If you haven't checked out his blog head on over there.  He's a fun guy and has lots of great ideas that work for other grades than just kindergarten.
Lastly, I just realized that when I posted my Domino Math Center freebie the other day I didn't set it so everyone can have it.  It has been fixed so get over there and get the freebie.  I also have it posted on my Teachers pay Teachers store if you would like to go that route.

***Just checked and I am now up to 47 followers!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The One With A New Blog Button

Thanks to Lindsey at Teaching Blogging Basics for helping me create my new button.  I love it.  The clip art is from Scrappin' Doodles and the fonts are by Kevin and Amanda.  It was really easy to make thanks to Lindsey's awesome tutorial and the use of PowerPoint.
So go ahead and grab my new button now!!  LOL

Well, another Monday down.  Today was a pretty great day.  The kiddos were awesome and ready to work.  I am down a student today so that brings my number to 20.  That is a much easier number to work with.  I didn't mind having 21 but it's easier to set-up groups when you have an even number.

To top off my wonderful Monday... I'm feeling 90% better.  I am still a little congested but over all I'm feeling pretty good.  I did bite my tongue this morning when I sneezed.  That didn't feel great.  It made eating tonight a very painful task too.

My blog followers are at 38 as of this post.  I am thinking about doing a give away when I reach 50 followers.  I was thinking about doing a gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers.  If any one has any tips to get me to 50 followers faster than I'm going now, please let me know.  I'm still pretty new to blogging so advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to thank the 38 followers I do have.  I love hearing your comments and words of encouragement.

Hope you all have a great night!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The One Where I'm Sick.... and a Freebie

This is going to be a short post because I have been so sick. Okay, I think I might be a little over dramatic with that. I have been sick. It started with a sore throat and now my nose is all congested. It's getting better thanks to ibuprofen and nasal congestion medicine.

Even though I have been under the weather I did get time to head up to my classroom and get copies made. I also made it to Wal-Mart to buy lunch food for the week.

Now I have been trying to plan out math centers. I tried to do it yesterday but I felt so poopy that not much got done. I did get one center done so far. We are starting our chapter on adding numbers to 8. We will also review ordering numbers to 20.

I have put together a domino math center. It is my freebie. I really excited about getting time to sit and plan out goodies for my class (and my fellow bloggers). The fonts are provided by Kevin and Amanda.


Friday, August 24, 2012

The One With A New Carpet

Another week is done.  After 2 weeks of school the students are finally starting to pay attention more and be a lot less talkative.  This class is so much different than my last 2 years.  They don't really care about learning and would rather just draw and do easy things.   They also seem a little less mature than my class last year.

I are finally getting them on track with routines and the schedule.  This is making my life so much easier.  Hopefully, next week will go a lot more smoothly than the last two weeks.  I really do like my class though.  There are some real sweeties!

Along with my second week of school being completed, I finally got my new carpet yesterday.  I was so excited.  I forgot what it looked like because I picked it at the end of last year.  However, I LOVE IT!
Sorry that the picture quality is so horrible.  I took the photo on my iPod Touch.  My Droid X2 takes way better pictures than my iPod.  I didn't realize the picture quality was so bad until I emailed it to myself.  Oh well!

I missed a few days of Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week linky party but I thought that I would do the Freebie Friday.  I started it on Monday but got super busy and didn't get time to do the rest.  Opps!
Well, for Freebie Friday I thought I would share my homework folder's "stays at home/bring back to school" labels that I put inside each student's folder.  This way they can see the house and know if stays at home, and the bus so they know it needs to come back to school.  It's pretty basic but it gets the job done.  

I print them out and I use packaging tape (which I should have put on my Monday Must-haves because I use it all the time) to tape the labels inside each side of their folder.  I get the packaging tape from Dollar Tree.  Sorry I don't have any pictures of their folders.

Here is your freebie

Have a great night!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The One With The Monday Must-haves

I'm linking up with the Blog Hoppin' linky party: Monday Must-haves.   
1.  I have to start every morning with an iced coffee.  I make it myself.  I love Eight O'Clock coffee.  They make the best coffee. 

2.  My Cool Gear 24-ounce Double Wall Chiller cup.  I absolutely love these cups.  I have three of them.  Well, technically I have two.  I dropped one in my classroom and the lid broke.  I was so mad but then I bought a new one and I felt better.  I get them at Wal-Mart and they are only $4.96 each.  I actually put my iced coffee in my chiller cup.
3.  BINDERS!!  I love binders.  I have several different binders in my room that I use all the time.  I have a teacher binder that holds all my important stuff: documents, class list, calendar, to do lists, etc.  I have another one that is my data notebook.  I am also going to have one for my Pensieve (you'll know what I'm talking about if you do Cafe).
4.  Tul brand pens.  These pens are great.  They are a little expensive but they write so nicely.  I use the blue and I use them all the time.  I only keep one out at a time so I can make sure that people are walking off with all of them.  

5.  Post-its!!  I use them all the time to write EVERYTHING on.  I know you can also print on them but I have yet to do it.  I am a Post-it hoarder.  I have many different styles and colors.  The sit in a basket on at my table.
If you would like to link up to tell about all of your must-haves, hop over to Blog Hoppin'

I can't wait to see what your must-haves are.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The One With The Allergies

What a crazy week!  Of course, it was the first week of school so I knew what was in store.  It flew by but I was never able to catch up.

I have to go in tomorrow to get ready for next week.  I have a ton of copies to make.  There was no time to get anything done.  It's funny how I go in at 7:00 every morning (we don't actually start till 7:45) and leave school after 4:00 and nothing more gets done.  Only what needs to be done right away.  I get no time to prepare.

Our state went to the A-F grading system.  Our school, unfortunately, got a D for last year.  Now the district is deciding everything we do.  They made our schedules, increased our intervention time, and took away most of our "special" classes.  We no longer have computers and library time has been cut down to 15 minutes a week.    

We now have 1 hour of each reading and math interventions, 2 hours of reading, and an hour and a half of math.  This also left use with no time for recess.  Apparently, they never read the study done last year that determined students did better when they got 15 minutes of recess in the morning and afternoon.

Anyway, it's a little frustrating to see that they think quantity is over ruling quality.  But most of the people in the big offices have never been in a classroom (at least not anytime recently).

Sorry, I had to vent a little.  LOL.

Because of the craziness at school, nothing got done at home all week.  I actually enjoy cleaning (crazy, I know!) but I was too tired to do any of it.  Today was my "catch-up at home" day.  I also have been having extreme allergies and I ran out of allergy medication a few days ago.  I haven't had a ton of time or energy to get more.  I finally made it to the store today to stock up.  I'm feeling a lot better now.  My eyes have stopped feeling itchy and watering.  I've stopped sneezing uncontrollably and I feel a lot less congested.  Aww! the miracle of Zyrtec!

Well, I need to finish the bathroom and then the dishes so I can relax with a glass of wine.

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The One With The Back To School Jitters

I know! I'm posting again but I could resist to take part in Ms. Jessica at A Turn to Learn's linky party.  Since I had just completed another first day of school today, I thought this linky party would be great.  It's to share my back to school jitters.

Here it is!

There you go.  If you would like to participate, and I hope you do, click on the following link.
Back to School Jitters Linky Party

I can't wait to see what all your first day jitters are!

The One Where I'm Mentally and Physically Exhausted

Phew!  I am so tired.  Today was the first day of school and it was good and bad.  I had 1 student not show up (apparently she moved) and got 2 new students after getting all students in the class.  We have breakfast in the classroom so I was going over that and trying to collect supplies.  Then I had to get the 2 new kiddos set-up.  It was crazy!

Then we had an assembly at 8:30 so I had to get the kiddos prepared for that.  The whole morning just seemed so rushed.  After the assembly, though, things ran so much smoother.  Although,  I was behind schedule the whole day.

And... I never got my carpet put in my room so the students had to sit on the hard floor.  I need to find out what's going on with it.  I can't remember if I've talked about my carpet before.  At the end of last year the school bought me and the first grade teacher across the hall new carpets (I love them.  They are so cool).  Well, when the secretary ordered them she forgot to get the skid resistant backing on them.  They had to order it and it wasn't there in time when school started.  They told me that they were going to put them in our rooms so we can use them until the backing came in.  Apparently not!!

Then to top off the craziness, I had one of the rudest students... EVER! on the first day of school.  He would not do his work, and talked and interrupted constantly.  I have never had to move a child's stick on the first day of school.  I got fed up with it after lunch and made him move his stick.

Other than that, it went well.  I have some pretty sweet children.  I also have a few talkers but I knew they were coming.  I have them every year!  LOL

I even had to treat myself to a Lemonberry Slush from Sonic on  my home.  Now I'm relaxing and watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics from last night.  I DVR-ed it because I couldn't watch it yesterday because I had way too much stuff to do for today.

I'm so glad the first day is done!!!  It's time to get my relaxation on!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The One With Pictures... Finally

I finally have pictures of my room!  I have been trying to put them on here for about an hour but I was having internet problems.  Well, that has all been solved so here are the pictures.  My room is pretty much done but I still have some small things to finish.  They are going to have to wait until Monday.  Tomorrow is my relax day (and my birthday) before the crazy first week of school.

Anyway, without further ado... here are the pics
 This is my calendar area.  I used magnetic holders (green on the left, blue on the right) I bought from Dollar Tree to hold all my stuff I need for calendar.  I actually peeled off the magnets and just stapled to the wall.  The orange/green thing on the right is my bathroom passes.  I got them from Clutter-Free Classroom.  They were one of her free Blackline Design Teacher Tips.  Unfortuanatly, they are no longer free but with the upcoming sale at Tpt, you can get them for 28% off.
 This is my Daily 5 board.  The cute posters I got free from Ginger Snaps Tpt store.
 The board on the left is my Cafe board.  These posters are part of the same set I got from Ginger Snaps.  On the door is my Home Card pocket chart.  Each student has a card that they must give to me before they can leave to go home.  This way I am able to keep track of them and I know that I saw them leave.  I just use index cards (the colored ones came from Dollar Tree) that I laminate.
 This one doesn't really have any thing for me to explain.  I think I've talked about it before in a previous post.
This is part of the computer center.  Someone stole 2 of my chairs and we have no more of that size in our building's storage.  
 This is my magnetic word work center.  The students will get to use magnetic letters to practice their spelling words or sight words.
 My small group/teacher table.  This is the table that I talked about in my last post.  I bought a calendar from Dollar Tree (yes, I buy a lot from Dollar Tree).  It is meant to go in a binder.  I taped the sleeve part to the table and I just slide out the calendar part.  This way I can keep track of when I test the students on fluency, sight words, and what ever needs to be worked on for math.
This my Promethean Board.  The green thing on the right is a shoe holder.  It holds our voters that go to the Promethean Board.

Alright, that was it.  Exciting wasn't it!?  LOL.  I guess I am ready for the first day of school on Monday.  Wish me luck!

Friday, August 10, 2012

The One With No Pictures

I know, I know! I promised you all pictures a few days ago and I had every intention of delivering. Well, I have been super busy. We have had so many meetings so any free time was spent trying to get my room set up.

I held a Meet The Teacher night on Thursday. Only 7 of my 20 showed up. It was nice getting to meet the few that did come. From what I've heard from the parents, I'm going to have a lot of talkers... again!

I think the world is getting back at me by giving me so many talkers each year because when I was in school, I was a talker. The parents of the "talkers" seemed like great parents and will work with me.

Another thing that has happened is the only other male classroom teacher at our school has left. He took another job at a school in our district. So now it's just me and a whole bunch of women. I think I will survive, though. ;)

Since he was leaving, I asked for his horseshoe table. It is smaller than the one I had. Plus, the center part of the my table was narrow so my desk chair had to be crammed into it. It was just all very tight.

He said that the other teacher wanted it so I wouldn't be able to get it. Then a half hour later the other teacher said she didn't want it and that it was all mine! I was so excited! Getting rid of my teacher desk has started a domino effect with our first grade team. 

After I decided to, the teacher across the hall decided to. Then after getting the new(er) table, the teacher next door decided to take my old horseshoe table and get rid of her desk. I've created a monster!!!

Well, I won't promise but I will try my best to get pictures when I go in tomorrow. We start school on Monday. I can't believe it is already starting. Crazy! I know some of you are already back and I praise you for it.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The One Where You May Need To Pin

I have spent my first day back at school.  We had a work day.  I got a lot done.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos.  Bad Mr. Michelbook!!!

I promise to get some up tomorrow.

I wanted to post about a contest that Mel at Frog Spot is having.  You could win a full year membership to Graphics From The Pond.  It's super simple!

Head over there and get your contest on!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The One With The Middle Finger

Today I'm participating in Greg Smedley's "Kids Say The Darndest Things!" linky party.  Well, my story doesn't really have a lot to do with what a student said, it's more of what the student did.

I was in the middle of my student teaching.  I was student teaching  in a kindergarten classroom.   The class was great!

One morning, my mentor teacher and I were on the playground watching the kids at recess.  We were both chatting as we were watching the kiddos and one girl from our class come up and said "Marissa hurt her finger."  So we told her that if it's that big of a deal then Marissa needs to come over and tell us herself.

My mentor and I started chatting again for about 5 minutes.  Then little Marissa walks up and stands in front of us.  I asked her what she needs and she puts her hand on her hip, pushes her hip out, and flips us off.
We were both stunned.  We probably didn't say anything for like a full minute, all the while this little girl is standing there with her Diva pose and her middle finger sticking up.

So then my mentor asked her, "Is there more to this story?" and then she proceeded to tell us the story of she hurt finger.

I had to turn away because I started laughing.  Marissa's finger was fine so we sent her on her way to go back playing.  After she left, we had a pretty good laugh.

Thanks Greg for allowing me to share that story with everyone.  If you would like to link up.  Click his button.

Smedley’s Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

I also wanted to post some pictures of the progress in my room.  The rest of this post will be mostly pictures with a little text.  Here goes!

This is my jar that I use for our Caught Being Good Tickets!  I just use tickets that can be bought at Dollar Tree.  I think there are 250 in the pack.  After I "catch" a student doing something good then I give them a ticket.  They write their name on the back and throw it in the jar.  I draw 5 names each Friday.  Then those students get to pick from my treasure chest.  I keep all the tickets in there from week to week.
 View from the door.  It's looking a little less messy.
 I had to redo this bulletin board (if you remember it was all black).  Well, last year my air conditioner kept leaking.  Far as I know it's fixed now.  Anyway, the black paper was all messed up from getting wet  so I decided to cut out that portion and put new black paper up.  Only... guess what??  We were out of black paper so I went with red.  I was a little mad at first but it's growing on me.

 I've been reducing a lot of my clutter from my teacher desk.  It's getting much better.  I've been organizing things into bins.  It's getting there! :)

Thanks for stopping by!