Saturday, April 28, 2012

The One With The Trip To The E.R.

Well, yesterday was a pretty interesting. I was having some minor chest pain/discomfort on the left side that started in the morning. I first thought that maybe I just had slept weird. However, I wasn't having any pain or numbness in my left arm. I took some ibuprofen and went on with my day. After school was out, the pain and discomfort was still present. So, I decided to drive myself to the E.R. I told them what was wrong and was administered right away. I was hooked up to all kinds of crazy wires and things. I was also bombarded with questions. They did an EKG and some blood work. Luckily for me, it was not a problem with my heart. I did find out though that I have a sinus arrhythmia, but that was not the culprit and is not life threatening. It all ended up being a mix of anxiety and asthma. I was so relieved to hear all that. Now, they have me on Xanax and Singulair. I now have to make an appointment with my primary doctor. I'm very happy to find out that everything is okay. On to another topic. I looked at our calendar the other day and we only have 18 days of school left. Now, I'm trying to make lists of what needs to be done before the last day. I found this neat idea for an End-Of-The-Year binder. I found the idea over at Clutter-Free Classroom. It has been working pretty great so far. I have a calendar that I can write upcoming events, to do lists, and areas to hold important documents that I may need. It works great because it is all filed away in one place. I leave it on my desk while I'm at school and then put it in my messenger bag when I head home.
I separated the binder into 5 sections. First is a calendar for May and June. Next section is my to do lists, then paper work (which includes this I need for the end of the year but don't need to keep after school's out). My 4th section is my classroom set-up and last section is my inventory (including my personal items, tables, chairs, book cases, computers...etc.) Clutter-Free Classroom has a lot of the printables for free download. Others, I made myself. Well, I'm going to finish watching my DVDs of CSI and have a glass of wine. Enjoy your evening!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The One With The Mental Health Day

Yes, I took a day off.  This will only be my 2nd day I have taken off this year,  I’ve gone to work sick and everything.  I figured I deserved to take a day for myself. 
The only other day I’ve taken off was to drive back to Kansas (a 14 hour drive) to see family for Christmas.  I wanted some time to rejuvenate before the last month of school.  It’s crazy how I’m almost done with my 2nd year of teaching.
I’m ready for the year to be over and get ready for next year.  I can tell the kids are ready to be done, too.  They are getting a little antsy lately.  “A little” was a bit of an understatement.  They are talking constantly! 
Anway, enough about work.  It’s my “me” day, so I have to stop thinking about work.  I have spent my morning drinking coffee and watching “The New Adventures of Old Christine”.  That show is so funny!  I also got the dishes done and am now getting ready to clean up the rest of the house.
I also put up a really cool calendar I made in December.  I found the idea on Pinterest and made it for my roommate for a promotion he got.  He never got around to hanging it up in his office and it was just sitting on our dining room table. 
He has now decided to go back to his old position and will most likely not be hanging it up at his work.  I got tired of seeing just lying around and decided to attach some magnets to the back of it and hang it on our refrigerator.

The picture came out a little blurry.  I swear it didn’t look that way when I took the picture.  Go figure!
It is just a black plastic frame I bought at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon.  I used scrapbook paper and cut it into the squares and glue stick-ed them to the paper that came with the frame (I turned it over of course so it was white).  Then I just use dry erase markers to write on it for each month.  I love the way it came out.
Well, I guess I should get back to cleaning and enjoying my day.  Hope you are enjoying your day, too!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The One With A Letter From A Student

Today was another crazy day. I'm sure the students are ready for summer just like I am. My morning started off pretty great, though. I got a wonderful letter from a student. It was very sweet and totally made my day.
Today was early release so that was pretty great too. I left after the kids left because I haven't been feeling well. I think I have an ear infection. I need to call a doctor tomorrow to see if I can get in. Hopefully, I can get in pretty quickly. Other than that, not much has been happening. I wanted to share the wonderful letter I got. I love my students. They can drive me crazy but they are also very sweet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The One with the Stolen Credit Card

I have had some very interesting sort of days lately.  I found out yesterday that my credit card number had been stolen.  My bank called me to see if I authorized 2 transactions that were made in Paris, France.

I, of course, didn't.  They declined one for $102 but accepted one for $6.  I had to file a claim on it to get my money back. 

My bank also closed my bank card and are issuing me a new one.  I'm now having to write checks everywhere - which I hate doing.  It all has been a major hassle but I'm glad my bank caught it before it got out of control.

School was sort of crazy today.  We had try outs for the Roswell Games.  They divide up the students for try outs by the year they were born.  I lucked out and my whole class had their try outs at the same time.  That gave me 2 hours of free time to work in my classroom.  It was wonderful!

Because of that, though, our whole day was a little out of wack.  We ended up having P.E. in the afternoon - which we usually have in the morning.  The students handled it pretty well, except for the constant talking.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.  It's early release so that's a plus!  :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

The One with the Math Journals

Today I started math journals with the students. I’ve been wanting to do math journals for a while but just haven’t had the time to get them ready. I found a template of one that someone else created and tweaked it to work for me. I can’t remember where I got the template from. We use Number Literacy for our math interventions. I used some of their topics to help plan out the math journal page. Since today was our first day doing the journals, we went over it together. I should them where to write and how it should look. I will continue this for the rest of this week just to get them in the routine. Next week, the students will be on their own filling them out. The students LOVED them! The journals will only be for this month. After we finish the journal for this month, the students will be able to take them home and share them with their families. They are really excited about taking them home to show them off. I would love to post the journal for you all to have but I can’t figure out how to get them on here. LOL. Alright, Alright! I think I got it figured out. Not sure how well it will work but if you would like a copy, you should be able to download it. If it doesn't work, please let me know and I will get it figured out. Math Journal Page