Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The One with the Stolen Credit Card

I have had some very interesting sort of days lately.  I found out yesterday that my credit card number had been stolen.  My bank called me to see if I authorized 2 transactions that were made in Paris, France.

I, of course, didn't.  They declined one for $102 but accepted one for $6.  I had to file a claim on it to get my money back. 

My bank also closed my bank card and are issuing me a new one.  I'm now having to write checks everywhere - which I hate doing.  It all has been a major hassle but I'm glad my bank caught it before it got out of control.

School was sort of crazy today.  We had try outs for the Roswell Games.  They divide up the students for try outs by the year they were born.  I lucked out and my whole class had their try outs at the same time.  That gave me 2 hours of free time to work in my classroom.  It was wonderful!

Because of that, though, our whole day was a little out of wack.  We ended up having P.E. in the afternoon - which we usually have in the morning.  The students handled it pretty well, except for the constant talking.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.  It's early release so that's a plus!  :)

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