Monday, June 25, 2012

The One With My Own TpT Store!!!

I did it!  I finally have gotten up the nerve to start my own TeacherspayTeachers store.  If you're interested in checking out what I have on there so far, just click the link on the right hand side.  Now, it doesn't have much on it so far.  However, the ones I do have on there seem to be doing better than I expected.  :)

Two of them are free and one costs a mere 99 cents.  I will continue to make new things to add to the store. Most are probably going to be free.  I can't say that they are going to be brand new, totally never-thought-of-that ideas. The ones I have on there so far are ones that I've seen before but changed them to work for me.  Now, I didn't just use their page and change a piece to make it my own.  I redesigned them to fit my needs and used my time to change them.   If perhaps you feel I may have stolen your idea, please let me know.  I don't want anyone to feel like I'm ripping them off.

Anyhow, get on over there and grab your freebies.  I have a fluency chart (with the top having a space for comprehension scores) and a math journal page.  The math journal page seems to be pretty popular.  I look forward to working on more and getting it out there to you.

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