Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The One Where It's Snowballed

I don't have a lot to give today.  I just wanted to check in and post a few pics of what I got done today.  I stopped at Target on my way home and got this Sterilite storage cart to hold some of the stuff that would usually go in my desk. And! it was only $10!!
Sterilite Medium Storage Cart Turquoise.Opens in a new window

I might go back for another one.  Okay, Okay, I will go back for another one.  I got all my computers set-up.  I have decided since I still need my desktop computer, I put it at the end of the kids computer center.  You can see my chair way over on the right side.  My computer is different from the student computers and my chair will be there so the students will know it is off limits.
For some odd reason, my district has not been able to figure out how to get my laptop to print in my room.  It prints but I don't know where.  Printing is the only thing I use my desktop computer for.  I moved my filing cabinet over to the side of the center and I'm going to use it for the kids to do word work or something with math by using magnetic letters or numbers.

This next picture is the rest of the mess of my room.  I have been taking everything out of the cabinets, drawers, and shelves so I can reorganize it all.  I am also taking down and redoing all the bulletin boards.
It looks a little crazy but it's in progress.  I need some help moving some of the bookcases and tables.  No one was around today to help me move it so it all is just sitting there ready to be moved.  That's why I had to stop today.  I need to start opening boxes and getting stuff placed but I can't do that until the furniture is where it needs to be.  Maybe tomorrow I can get my roommate to help me move the furniture.  

It's funny to think that yesterday when I walked into my room my plan was just to leave it the way it was and  put everything back where it was last year.  Then I decided to get rid of my desk and then it snowballed into a whole room makeover.  I'll keep you all updated on the progress.


  1. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who still has a mess!

  2. Have you checked your printer properties? I'm guessing you have a printer in your room and want it to print there. Going to your internet connections in the task bar should show a link to your computers Network and Sharing, then to Advanced Sharing settings. Go through and set your preferences. Also make sure your printer is listed in devices and printers as the default printer.
    If you are printing to a printer outside your classroom then you would have to find which printer is set as default printer on your computer, usually by name and model then track it down. It's easier knowing the model number if different printers are set up to the schools system.

    I'm really jealous at all the computers you have. My room is tech deprived. Good luck.

    1. I do have a printer in my room and I have checked the printer properties. I'm going to play around with it some more when I get the time. Our tech guy came in and said he hooked it up but I have no idea where it prints to. I haven't had a chance to talk to him again because we don't have a tech person just for our school. He's for the whole district and, as you can imagine, he's very busy. If I get some time before school starts, I'll mess with it more. Thanks for the advice.

  3. I love that you got rid of your teacher desk! I did too! At my old school I sent it away... but it was like a nasty bug and came back at Christmas... I was told I had to have one because they coildnt be stored and they couldnt go to surplus. Sign... So, I made it into a student center. I only had 2 computers for students so I put one on the teacher desk, and fillded the drawes with things the kids needed access to. Like paper and their writing folders and scssors, tape and staplers too. The tape was not the best idea... and they didnt get it reflled often.. BUT.. it was not a bad use of ti. The teacher desls are just big! At my new school, I got rid of the desk and opted for the table my teacher desktp is sitting on to be right next to my guided reading table.