Friday, August 10, 2012

The One With No Pictures

I know, I know! I promised you all pictures a few days ago and I had every intention of delivering. Well, I have been super busy. We have had so many meetings so any free time was spent trying to get my room set up.

I held a Meet The Teacher night on Thursday. Only 7 of my 20 showed up. It was nice getting to meet the few that did come. From what I've heard from the parents, I'm going to have a lot of talkers... again!

I think the world is getting back at me by giving me so many talkers each year because when I was in school, I was a talker. The parents of the "talkers" seemed like great parents and will work with me.

Another thing that has happened is the only other male classroom teacher at our school has left. He took another job at a school in our district. So now it's just me and a whole bunch of women. I think I will survive, though. ;)

Since he was leaving, I asked for his horseshoe table. It is smaller than the one I had. Plus, the center part of the my table was narrow so my desk chair had to be crammed into it. It was just all very tight.

He said that the other teacher wanted it so I wouldn't be able to get it. Then a half hour later the other teacher said she didn't want it and that it was all mine! I was so excited! Getting rid of my teacher desk has started a domino effect with our first grade team. 

After I decided to, the teacher across the hall decided to. Then after getting the new(er) table, the teacher next door decided to take my old horseshoe table and get rid of her desk. I've created a monster!!!

Well, I won't promise but I will try my best to get pictures when I go in tomorrow. We start school on Monday. I can't believe it is already starting. Crazy! I know some of you are already back and I praise you for it.

Have a great night!

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