Friday, September 7, 2012

The One With A Friday Freebie

I know some of you are just starting school so parent teacher conferences are a little ways off.  For me, and probably many others, parent teacher conferences are just around the corner.  Our district has parent teacher conferences in a little over a week.

Most of the teachers at my school do parent teacher conferences the week before along with our scheduled day.  This really helps get all the parents in for conferences.  So all next week after school I will hold conferences, as well as on Monday, Sept. 17th.

I already have 14 parents signed up and I have 5 more that I still need to get forms back from.  Our district has all the teachers set up the times with the parents.  I've worked at other districts where the principal (or secretary) sets up all the time for the teachers.  I find this way much easier.

I send home a sign up sheet the week before and ask parents to sign by the 3 times that work best for them.  I, of course, get a few that just sign up for one time so I have to try to work with that.

After I get the forms back I send out notices letting the parents know their time.  The parents that take a while longer to get the forms back to me don't get as much say in what times they get to pick.  It's a first come, first serve type of thing for me.  Next week, I will send home the sign up sheet again with the times already taken black out and ask again for them to pick a time.  If I don't hear anything from them by Wednesday, I will call to set up a time.

After all that I am ready for the conference.  I have this lovely form (see below) that I fill out for each student.  It's a way for me to stay on-task and make sure I have covered everything that needs to be discussed.  It reminds me to talk about report cards or progress reports, and their assessment data.  It has a place to write the student's strengths and what they still need to work on.  It also has a place at the bottom for any questions I need to ask the parents.

As I go through the conference I use the form to take notes.  After that conference I put the conference form in the student's portfolio.

I have decided since I was already taking the time to jazz up my form (my old one didn't fit my style any more) that I would include it as a Friday Freebie!!!  So grab yourself a copy.  It really helps keep my focused during a conference.

All fonts are from Kevin and Amanda.

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  1. Greetings! I just recently found your blog and it caught my interest because of the way you title your posts "The one with...". This reference to "Friends" truly just made my day! :) Thanks for sharing, I'm enjoying your blog and look forward reading more!
    Teacher Wife