Saturday, September 1, 2012

The One With A Relaxing Day... and A Freebie!

I have spent a very nice relaxing day at home.  Well, sort of.  I did run to Petco to buy Migo some rawhides to chew on and I made a stop at Starbucks.

The rest of the time I spent with Migo and trying to clean house.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to clean a house with a puppy.  I'm working on making him more independent.  He is very clingy (which I do love unless I'm trying to do something).   I had to wait until he was asleep to try to clean but then he would wake up and whine.

I finally got him to stay on the couch and sleep without worrying where I was.   It took me forever but I got the dishes done, vacuumed, and cleaned up the garage.  We never put away all the stuff we didn't sell at our garage sale in June so I haven't been able to park my car in the garage until today.

After all that, I've been sitting here trying to plan out math centers.  This is the first year that we had to have separate centers for math and reading.  For reading we are doing Daily 5 and Cafe.  Daily 5 is going fantastic.  We are up to 8 minutes for Read to Self and 9 minutes for Work on Writing.  This upcoming week I will be introducing Read With Someone.

As a grade level we decided to make our stamina a competition.  So I tell my kids that the other classes are catching up so we need to work harder to stay ahead of them on our stamina.  It is working great!  

So for math I have been trying to have 5 centers that they rotate through.  By the end of the week they will have done each center twice.  Last week's math centers went very well.  I'm hoping this next week's will go as well.  Here is what I have planned so far:

Center 1:  Using blocks and addition flash cards.
          Students will use unifix cubes to match the addition problem on a flash card.  They will use one color of blocks for the first addend and another color for the second addend.  Then they will need to find the sum.

Center 2:  Base Ten Blocks and Number Cards
          Students will use a work mat with a tens and ones place.  They will have to use sticks and units to match numbers on cards I provide.  I just use a index card, cut in half, to write a number on.  They will be working on numbers 1 to 30. 

Center 3:  Ten Frame/Twenty Frame Worksheets
         Students will use worksheets that have ten or twenty frames on it.  Under each one will tell them the number of dots that need to be filled in and in what color.  I hope this one makes sense.

Center 4:  Computers - Education City
          Our school has a subscription to Education City.  I have my own city set up where the students can click on the game they would like to play and then choose their name.  I am able to check their scores if I need to.  I have it set up with games about number sense, ordering numbers, place value, and operations of numbers.  The students love to play on Education City.

Center 5:  Dice Race (freebie for this to follow)
        Students will use 2 large foam dice that I bought at Dollar Tree 2 years ago.  They each will have a Dice Race game board.  They each have a choice to roll either one die or both dice to get the number they need.  They have to get all 12 boxes covered.  If they have already rolled a number previously then they lose their turn.  Which ever student gets all their boxes covered they win.  To get numbers 7 through 12, they will need to add the dice together.  It will all make sense once you see the game board.  So, here's the game board:

Click on it for your freebie

The fonts are from Kevin and Amanda.

Well, I guess that is it for tonight.  Sorry this post ended up being longer than I was expecting.


  1. Thanks for the freebie - dice games are always welcome in my classroom! Sounds like a great variety of maths being covered in your rotates for this week...

  2. Sounds like fun in your room! Can you tell me more about Education City? I tried looking on the website but without a subscription, it's just a lot of words. hehe. What are the games like? How does it compare to starfall or ixl?
    Thanks! I'm glad I'm one of your followers, can't wait to see more from you!
    Kindergarten Schmindergarten

    1. They have lots of different types of games. It also has literacy games. The first time they play a game, it teaches them the concept. They are sort of similar to Starfall and ixl but the games are more like a video game. I haven't used ixl in several years so I don't really remember what that one is like. Have you ever used Cool Math Games? It's more like that.

      Hope I answered you questions. :)