Friday, October 5, 2012

The One With A Field Trip and October Currently

I am a little behind on doing the October Currently but I still wanted to.  Here you go!

I got a new student this week.  I was really hoping to get a girl but it ended up being a boy.  I have nothing against boys, it's just that I had 14 boys and only 6 girls.  With my new student it brings me up to 15 boys.  Many of the boys are very rowdy and it makes it feel like I have a million boys!

We also had our first field trip of the year.  It was to the county fair.  It was a lot of fun but I have a love/hate relationship with field trips.  They are a lot of fun but I'm always so stressed out on them.  You just never know how the kids will act out in public.  Overall, the kids did splendid though.  I was very pleased.  I took some photos but not many because I forgot to pack extra batteries.  I only got a few from the very start of the trip.  Get ready for a few pictures with black boxes over the faces... so exciting!
 This one is not really of the field trip itself but this kiddo got a new backpack and I thought it was so cool.  Who knows what video game character it from?

 The two above are from the start of the trip when we first got on the bus.  They were so excited!  Did you see my little Nixon in the first photo?  Haha

This photo we were getting ready to watch a puppet show called "Funny Dummy."  The kids thought it was hilarious, me not so much!  LOL.

After these photos my camera died so that was all the pictures I got.  I need to remember next time to bring an extra set of batteries.

We also got to see them milk a cow and we all got to make butter.  We watched a show with bears doing tricks.  We saw lots of pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and rabbits.

It was such a long day.  I'm so glad it is over with.  Now I get to relax for the next 2 days and enjoy my weekend.   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!

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  1. What a great field trip! We have gone to the pumpkin patch before but a fair? That's awesome! I, too, have a love/hate relationship with field trips, we went on our first of the year last Friday and I was glad to get in my car at the end of the day!
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