Saturday, November 3, 2012

The One With Halloween

Man, this year is just flying by.  It has been a crazy time in Mr. Michelbook's classroom.   We had a district inservice on Monday, our district walk-thru on Tuesday, and Halloween on Wednesday.  I, of course, get majorly sick on Saturday and so that didn't help with the crazy week.  One Wednesday, I started losing my voice and didn't want to call in sick so I suffered through it.

Let me tell you losing your voice makes teaching extra difficult.  On top of it all, the kids were wound up because of Halloween.  Glad to report that I got my voice back today so everything is good again.  I slept with a humidifier and gargled with salt water.  Oh, and ate Ricolas like crazy!  I still have a slight cough but I can deal with it.

We don't allow our students to wear costumes to school (not sure if everywhere does that now) on Halloween.  We decided to make it our Red Ribbon Week so we can have spirit days for the kiddos.  Wednesday was crazy hair day and I was still feeling poopy so I didn't get my hair did for it.  Most of my kiddos did, though.  Here's some pictures of the cool things they did with their hair.

 The student with the clock (toward the back) had his hair in spikes and it was green and black.  His parents then stuck different foam stickers to each spike.  It was really cute.

The one above is actually one of my former students but I loved his hair that I had to take a picture of it.

One of my students' parents also gave me this cool Halloween gift.  She took a Diet Mt. Dew and a Hershey bar and put a Halloween dish towel over it to make it a ghost.  She then added eyes.  I thought it was really cool and creative.

For a non-school related update, my significant other and I have finally started the house shopping experience.  We applied for our mortgage last Saturday (still waiting to here back on approval) and are looking at a bunch of houses tomorrow with our realtor.  Wish us luck!  Maybe you will see us on House Hunters!  LOL

Well, just thought I would give you all a quick update.  I need to get some stuff done for school and continue working on my Dossier (which not much has gotten done with it).


  1. I feel your pain about losing your voice. I lost mine two weeks ago and it was all like "Lord of the Flies" in my classroom! :/

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  2. The spray painted head was a riot! Thanks for sharing.

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