Friday, May 24, 2013

The One with the End of the Year

I told myself that I was going to blog more.  Well, I haven't kept my promise.  As many of you know the end of the year are crazy times.  My end of the year was no different but as of 2:00 yesterday, I am officially on summer break.

My summer break is going to be shorter than usual.  I am teaching summer school this year.  Our district is part of a program called SmartStart run by the University of Utah.  This program is a research based program where a group of students starts school 25 days before their peers.  This group of students stays together through third grade.  There is also a control group that does not do the extra 25 days.  This way the SmartStart people can see if the students are actually benefiting from the extra 25 days.

We had our AR carnival yesterday and I got to meet a few of the SmartStart kids I will get in June.  Their kindergarten teacher said the students are reading at a mid-first grade level.  I'm really excited about doing this program.

This past week my students have been wonderful.  After having them act like they've had a bad case of the crazies since spring break, it was a great end to the year.

Monday we watched James and the Giant Peach since we read the book a few weeks ago.  I was going to show it after our field trip to the zoo but it was brought to my attention that it contained a profanity.  So, I had to do a little work to find a way to remove the word from the movie.  I was going to not show it at all but my kids really wanted to watch it.  I was able make a digital copy of it to my laptop and using Windows Live Movie Maker I just cut out the small part that contained to profanity.  We also did fun centers during the day and had lots of outside time.

Tuesday was our awards assembly.  I gave out a ton of perfect attendance awards and student of the month awards.  I didn't have a single student that had perfect attendance for the whole year so I had to do it by quarter.

Wednesday we had the fire department come and they spray water all over the students.  The kids love it.

Thursday was our last day.  It was also the last day for the teachers.  The students were released at 1:45 and the teachers were released at 3:30 (our principal was nice and let us go once our rooms were packed).  We had the AR carnival in the morning.  Each teacher has an activity in their room and the students roam from room to room doing them.  It was a lot of fun.  After the carnival I put in Puss in Boots so I could get some time to finish packing up my room.  In the after noon, a parent volunteered to have an ice cream party for the students.  I also make a photo montage for the class of our year.  I added Bruno Mars' "Count On Me" for the song.  I had one student bawling by the end and a few others were almost in tears.  We had a crazy year but I will truly miss this class.

Here's some photos of my room on Wednesday after the kids left.  I was amazed I got it all packed up by 2:00 yesterday.  I hauled butt to get it all done.

 I have also decided to switch my theme to owls next year.  I've had monkeys for the last 3 years and the students acted like monkeys.  So I decided if I do owls maybe they will make wise choices.  We'll see.  I have had my associate busy creating these cute owls for my beginning of the year bulletin board.
 I have also decided to change out my behavior chart.  I don't have a photo of it.  I packed it up before I remembered to take a pic.  It's is based off of this one from First Grade Glitter and Giggles.
I like that the students can move up to positive reinforcement and not just go down to negative.  

Anyway, I need to get started on my summer bucket list.  I have to get our hallway bathroom finished.  It is taking forever!

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  1. Oh owls should be fun and your line can be like your class tag line "Who makes wise choices? We do" LOL