Sunday, June 23, 2013

The One with Lesson Planning Sunday!

I started my day with no air conditioning.  That's right, our air conditioner went out... again!  We have to call into our home warranty company but it's Sunday!  We took an early morning trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a window air unit for the bedroom.  I cannot sleep when it's hot.  Hopefully, they can get it fixed quickly because the temperature is supposed to be 106 degrees on Wednesday.  106! Crazy!

Anyway, I have to get lesson plans finished and other things done for summer school.  We had our first two days on Thursday and Friday.  I have 15 kids in my class.  I was supposed to have 21 but 6 dropped.  I have a pretty great class.  They are sweet and a bunch of smarties.  I do have two little stinkers but you always get a one or two in each class.  They are not huge behavior problems but they do like to push my buttons.  Compared to the class I had this last year, these kids have been a dream thus far.

We had a garage sale on Saturday to help get rid of all the clutter in our house.  It was hot!  We did not make a lot of money but we did sell a lot of our crap.  It is now someone else's crap!

Last night we sat out on our patio with a fire in the fire pit.  I worked on lesson plans a little and looked for a good beginning of the year assessment.  I found two great assessments from Fun in First Grade and JoellW on TeachersPayTeachers. Plus, they were free!  I will probably use a mixture of the two to assess my kids. 

I spent some time today finishing up lesson plans, my weekly newsletter and homework chart.  This week the class will be reviewing some kindergarten concepts.  We will review letter sounds for m, s, t, and a.  We will be identifying nouns for people, animals, or things in sentences.  For math, we will be finding number patterns for numbers 0-5.  We will also be identifying the attributes for shapes of triangle, rectangle, square, and pentagon. 

For our centers and interventions we will be practicing stamina for Daily 5.  I'm putting out "fun centers" for the kids to get used to working together and for me to assess them.  That's where the two assessment packets come in.  I tested all but 3 kids on kindergarten sight words on Friday. They did great.

Now, time for me to try to find a cool place to be in the house.   

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