Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The One with the Teacher Binder

I have finally finished my Dossier.  I am so excited!  Just in time for summer school to start.  This month off has gone by so quickly.  Tomorrow we have to sign our contracts for teaching during the summer, then a staff meeting, and then I have to work in my room.  (Sorry for that run on sentence.)  I have one day (if that) to set-up my classroom for summer school that starts on Thursday.  I'm telling you right now it's not going to get done.  It's going to be insane.

Since I'm teaching summer school I needed to redo my teacher binder.  I changed my theme in my classroom so that helped with the overhaul of my teacher binder.

The binder includes a cover page for the front of the binder.
Dividers for each section.  The sections are: calendar, to do lists, meeting notes and student information.

I have it at my TEACHERSpayTEACHERS store if you are interested in buying it (and I know you are!)   Please, feel free to pin it on Pinterest too!  

Since summer school is starting Thursday and I'm getting tables in my room I needed containers for student supplies.  So I hit up the Target Dollar Spot for some bins and buckets. 
The little buckets will hold each table's pencils and the bins will hold their crayons.  Glue sticks and scissors are community items and I store them in bins on my shelf.  We don't use them often enough for me to justify keeps them at their tables.  Plus, they seems to always cause a distraction.  Pencils I keep as a community item too.  They get one pencil to keep at their desks.  I have a cup with sharped pencils just in case theirs breaks and they need a new one.  It limits sharping pencils all day.  Their dull/broken pencil goes in another cup for me to sharpen when I have time.

I will keep you posted on how summer school is going.  Don't forget to head on over to my TpT store to get your copy of my fabulous teacher binder.  You won't be sorry!

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