Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The One With Line Numbers

I have posted last year about my line-up numbers.  Let me tell you, they are heaven.  It stops the fighting over who cut in front of whom.  It also stops the kids from running to be first in line.

I thought I would go into more detail about my line-up numbers and some of my trial and errors.

I learned a lot about how to apply them after trying a few things.  The first set I made I laminated then stuck them to the floor with packing tape.  It worked well for a while but eventually started to peel up.   I would then have to remove all the tape to put down a new number.  Laminating them was good because I was able to peel off the tape from the numbers to use again.  However, laminating them made them thicker and they would start to peel off around the edges of the numbers.

So I decided to not laminate the second set halfway through the year (I wanted to mix up the numbers because a student was having trouble with another student).  I discovered that the non-laminated set held up longer than the laminated ones.  At this time, I also wanted to try something else to stick down the numbers.  The tape was okay but it took forever to remove the tape and the adhesive that was left behind. 

That's when I decided to try clear contact paper.  I bought a huge roll from Walmart for $5.  I have used it several times for the numbers and still have over half the roll left.  The contact paper worked much better and when I needed to replace a number, it came off the floor easily.  Plus, it didn't leave the adhesive behind.

Now, to the process.  I first printed them.  I used two different colors for them so they altered colors.  After they were printed, I cut each one out.
After cutting them out, I planned out which order I wanted them in.  I thought about which students would work well together and which ones didn't.
I then cut the clear contact paper about 1 inch bigger than the number (on all sides).  I then took the contact paper rectangles I cut out and stuck the numbers to the floor.  There you go.  Plain and simple.

I did explain to the class about the numbers and how they are used.  I also went over how to take care of the numbers so they last a long time.  I asked them to not peel them up or to shuffle their feet on them.

Now, if you would like a copy of the set I made, head on over to my Tpt store to get you set.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The One About Nothing

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I updated it to include a few more pages in the Student Information section.  I added a student information page (to be sent home for the parents to fill out), an allergy page and a  page to add your class roster.  Feel free to pin it on Pinterest too.  LOL.  

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