Thursday, August 1, 2013

The One with August Currently

I cannot believe that August is already here.  It's only 11 days to my birthday too!  And the first day of school.  That's right, my birthday is on the first day of school.  Lucky me!

I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for Currently August.

Listening:  There's a movie on Logo that was just on and I started watching it.  The movie is called "Dare".  

Loving:  Summer school finished last Thursday.  It is so nice to have a break.  It's a very short break.  Read Wanting to know why.

Thinking:  I have so many things I would like to complete before school starts up again.  Some I need to wait until I'm able to get into our online grade book.  Other things are stuff that I'm just procrastinating on doing.  I need to get me butt in gear!

Wanting:  I would like one extra week of a break.  We have meetings and building work days starting August 6th.

Needing:  I have been looking for baskets, tubs, or something to hold the students workbooks.  I have tables this year and I love them.  However, we have these huge reading workbooks that the district requires us to use for our reading curriculum.  I have no where to put them without cluttering up the student tables.  Any suggestions?!

B2s must haves: 
1.  Coffee.  I love coffee and need it every morning.
2. Energy.  The first day is always crazy and exhausting.  Get lots of sleep the night before to have the energy for the day.  #1 also helps with that too.  ;)
3. Organization.  Finding ways to stay organized starting with the first day makes the craziness of the beginning of the year much more manageable.  Anything to help make things run smoothly is always a must have in my book.

Thanks for stopping by.  Head on over the Farley's blog to participate.  I look forward to reading all your August Currently.

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