Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The One with a Day of Tragedy

I did not think I would ever be writing a post like this.  I would hope that no other person ever will.

Today, around 8 this morning, a 12 year took a concealed shotgun into a middle school and shot two students.  This happened at a middle school about 20 minutes from the elementary school where I work.

We were called into a mandatory staff meeting at 8:20 and were informed of the situation.  They did say the suspect had been caught but no one had any other information.  All day this was on my mind.  We slowly got more details but we weren't sure if it was rumors or truth.

What I do know now is a least 2 students were critically hurt and were air lifted to Lubbock, Texas.  There are reports that a teacher was also injured but did not seek medical attention.  One of the students shot was reported as being the shooters intended victim.

Such a sad and tragic event.  Please pray for the families, students, and teachers of Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, NM.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The One with the Weekly Preview

Today is my last day of break.  Such a sad day!  I wish for just one more day.  I'm crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow.  It's crazy because there is pretty much no chance of precipitation in the forecast.  Miracles can happen, right!?

If I'm ready or not, tomorrow is happening.  I better get ready for the week.  I'm working on lesson plans for the week.  Thought I would preview the week for you.

Phonics:  The little owls will work on reading and writing words with endings -ed and -ing by doubling the final consonant.  They will also work on words with r-controlled vowel pattern ar.

Reading:  Our main story for the week is Frog and Toad Together: The Garden
We will do the first read as a whole group.  We will build background knowledge and review vocabulary and sight words prior to reading.  We will also be working on determining the author's purpose for writing this story. Then on Wednesday the owls will be paired up to read with their reading buddies.  They really enjoy doing this.  They ask every Tuesday if it's time for buddy reading.

Writing:  My little owls will write sentences using verbs for the past and for the future.  I am also planning to have the owls write a narrative about a snowman.  We are working on stages of the writing process.

Math:  Our class is starting a chapter on spatial sense and patterns of shapes.  The owls will work on determining a pattern on shapes and if a shape has been slid, flipped, or rotated.

Plus centers and small group interventions.  I have yet to finish planning those.  I needed to take a break from planning.  I guess it is time to get back to it, though.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The One with January Currently and OLW

It is time for another Currently brought to us by Farley over at Oh' Boy! Fourth Grade.
Without further ado... here is mine!
 Listening:  to nothing but the heater running. It's kind of nice to have it so quiet.  Especially since  at this time in 48 hours I will be listening to a bunch on rowdy kids.  

Loving:  We finally finished our kitchen.  That is so exciting for us and we love it.  We were not so sure as it was coming together if we liked it but it looks great.  
I love the faucet.  It works wonderfully and is great for rinsing off dishes.  Okay, the dryer is not really in the kitchen but the laundry area is right next to the kitchen.  I love the new dryer, too.

Thinking/Wanting:  Last week the break was going so smooth and slow then this week comes along and BAM!  Break is almost over.  I still need to finish report cards... AHHH!

Needing:  Nothing!  Life is grand right now!

Memory/tradition:  When my grandparents were alive, I remember going with my parents and sister to their house for Christmas Eve.  We did not see them all that often so it was nice that the whole family would get together there and celebrate Christmas together.  I miss them.

Now to my OLW.  I have been thinking about this one for a while.  I have come up with the word.  Drum roll, please!
Some of you may be wondering, what is that word.  Being a teacher we do not always get time to do this word, let alone read it.  I need to remember this throughout this year to just relax.  Sometimes if the class starts to get a little crazy, I need to just take a second to relax.  I have a tendency to get frustrated easily.  I will take this word one day at a time.  Now it is my time to relax some before work starts up on Monday.  

Friday, January 3, 2014

The One with The Friday Funnies Round 2

It is time for round 2 of The Friday Funnies.
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