Monday, June 2, 2014

The One With June Currently

Well June has arrived.  I hope this summer doesn't speed by like it did last year.  However, it didn't help that I taught summer school.

I'm joining Farley @ 
for her June currently.

Listening:  I was listening to Will and Grace.  However, that ended and now I have switched it over to Friends (big surprise!?).  

Loving:  I love being on summer vacation.  It takes me a little time to finally get into not having a lot going on.  I was supposed to be at a training today, tomorrow, and Wednesday but we ended up with a leak in our garage by the water heater.  So instead of making money I'm spending a ton getting a plumber to fix it.  Fantastic!  

Thinking:  I love being able to wake up and just start the day slowly.  It's nice not having a million things to do.  I am able to sit back and think about changes I want to make for next school year... and actually get them done, too!

Wanting:  Well I waited forever it seemed for the plumber, who has now finally shown up.  I'm just hoping the leak is not too bad.  I think it maybe coming from the line coming up through the slab (foundation) but it could be coming from the line that connects to it.  I'm hoping for the latter.

Needing:  This is in connection to my wanting.  We had to shut the water off because the garage was flooding.  We had to go to my parent's house last night so we could take showers.  I'm hoping it gets fixed soon so I can take one today.  We might have to spend the night in a hotel if it is not fixed tonight.  You don't realize how much you need and use water until there isn't any.  We have drinking water but no water for showers, brushing our teeth, cleaning, etc

Summer Bucket List:  
Read!: I'm currently reading Guided Math by Laney Sammons (I am also doing a book study with it, too).  I want to finish reading and implementing it before summer is over.
Clean!: I need to get and keep this house super clean before school starts again.  I never have time at the beginning of the year to keep up with it.
Organize!: I also need to get the house organized.  We received a lot of gifts from the wedding that need to be put away.  I also would like to make our lives easier but getting it really organized.  I think if it's organized (more than it is now) it will make it easier to keep clean at the beginning of the school year.  I would also like to reorganize all my teaching stuff.  Such as my files, books, and papers.  That should help with the beginning of the year chaos, too.

Well, that is it.  Link up with Farley to let me see what you currently have going on!


  1. I hope the plumber was able to fix your flood! Good luck with the organizing! I do that over the summer, too. It makes everything easier to maintain for a while after school kicks back in. :)

  2. I think all teachers love summer to read! I read the Guided Math book two years ago and plan on getting it out again this summer as I plan with my partner. Good luck reading, organizing and with your plumbing situation!