Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Currently

Today I spent some time at trainings for new intervention software for math and reading.  My district is going with Symphony for math and Lexia for reading.  My school has used Lexia before but our district decided that they wanted to go district wide on iREAD last year.  However, it was a huge flop.  My students disliked it and I was not able to monitor their progress in a timely manner.  I liked Lexia.  I'm not experienced enough with Symphony to tell yet.  Ask me in about a month!

Now on to my Currently for June.

Most are pretty self explanatory.  I do start summer school on Monday.  I moved classrooms so I will have one day to be set-up in my new classroom for summer school.  I would really like an extra week but I know it will not happen at this point.  Also, if I get the extra week now that's a week taken away from my break after summer school.  I guess I can live with the shorter break now.

I had so much fun on our camping trip that we are already planning a longer one for after summer school lets out.  I am also going to use this time during my summer school time and break time to plan more stuff for the beginning of the year.  I will then use the remainder of the time to relax.  We all need to relax, right!?


  1. I hope you have great friends to help you move rooms. I have to do that too but not until June 26th. The children go to school here until the last Thursday of June. Have a great summer!!
    Barton's Buzz

  2. Relaxation is good! I hear ya on using summer break time to plan for next year. We've got our year mapped out for next year but I would love to get down to the nitty gritty and get some things planned out for that first hectic month back!

    Hope moving classrooms and starting summer school go smoothly! Moving classroooms is such a chore...I wish the things could just magically teleport themselves to their new space!

    First Grade Pizzazz